Introducing the Ramallah Friends School Community Blog 
By: Besan Omary-Jaawan - Development and Communications Associate

As summer vacation in Palestine comes to an end, our campus is bustling with busy teachers, administrative staff, maintenance workers, gardeners, and engineers all working hard to get our classrooms and grounds ready for more than 1,400 students to come back to school on Monday August 21st.

Our new Head of School, Adrian Moody, arrived from New Zealand earlier this month – view our new Head of School’s welcoming message here.

As we near Monday 21st, I am excited and anxious to start my 2nd year as an employee at the RFS, my 5th year as RFS parent, and my 16th year as a proud RFS alumna…

The RFS Community Blog is a communication space for all of us. All of you are invited to write and share your thoughts as parents, staff, teachers, students and alumni.

You are welcome to write about anything… You can write about academics, school life, grade transition, Quaker values at the RFS, student-teacher relations, parental fears, IB,  anything at all!

The mission of this blog is to engage all members of the RFS community and provide open and constructive conversation between students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and alumni.

How does it work?
Just send me your inquiries or blog posts at   bjaawan@rfs.edu.ps
See you all on Monday